Delen Meeting Table and Benches Delen Meeting Table and Benches

Delen Benches

Designed by Ramsey Madsen & Jim Contois

There are few symbols as evocative of casual gatherings as the picnic table and Delen captures the essence of this modest, yet iconic setting, while reinterpreting it for today’s relaxed, collaborative spaces. Benches feature solid wood construction offset by a metal accent detail on the leg interior – a signature design element that adds a touch of sophistication to its otherwise minimalist form. Paired with Delen Meeting Tables, or used independently, they bring a nostalgic connection to spaces from which sharing can occur in all its forms.


Delen Meeting Table, Benches and Sidebar Table


Delen Benches 03
Delen Large Bench
Delen Benches 04
Delen Small Bench

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Designed By

Ramsey Madsen & Jim Contois

A graduate of Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design, Contois began his career designing architectural building products. Soon after, his focus turned to contract furniture and since 2008, has managed his own studio and developed products for a wide range of markets. In his work, he emphasizes simplicity, scale, and proportion while elevating the end users’ experience and has a firm belief that the role of design is to balance the interests of the manufacturer, designer and end user in ways that create desirable products in the marketplace.

Madsen brings a unique synthesis to furniture design through a holistic approach that reaches from the earliest stages of needs assessment through final product engineering. With a strong design background and a deep understanding of processes, he assists his clients in creating pragmatic solutions of value.

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