Odette High Back and Mid-Back Lounge Chairs Odette High Back and Mid-Back Lounge Chairs

Odette Lounge

Designed by Gower + Woolf

Featuring oversized proportions and comfort to match, Odette is a modern lounge collection that encapsulates the feeling of a warm embrace. Generous seating capacity, expert tailoring and choices in back height, base styles and finish options ensure a place of sanctuary is always within reach.

Odette Mid-Back Lounge Chairs with Archetype
Odette High Lounge Chairs with Savina Table
Odette High Back Lounge, Swivel Base Odette High Back Lounge, Swivel Base

Designed By

Gower + Woolf

GOWER + WOOLF is an American integrative design firm founded in 2021 by Andrew Gower and Paul Woolf Boettiger. With offices in New York and Montana, our designs are the culmination of experience, process and reflection. Our work is built on a shared commitment to simplicity of form, research-driven design and collaborative process. With decades of collective experience from industrial design, architecture, to branding, we approach each project with a sense of wonder coupled with a thorough understanding and appreciation of our craft. We have had the privilege of partnering with companies throughout North America, Europe and Asia, helping to develop successful product lines for their brands. Our one goal is to create thoughtful, beautiful, and relevant designs that are reflective of our time.