Two-Seat and Three-Seat Benches Two-Seat and Three-Seat Benches


Find your happy place with TOOaPICNIC. Featuring two and three-seat options as well as a bench booth model with a clever A-frame wood leg design that pairs perfectly with its lounge counterparts, TOOaPICNIC adds just the right amount of lightness and fun wherever it goes.

Licensed from TOOtheZOO


TOOaPICNIC Benches 03
TOOaPICNIC 3-Seat Bench
TOOaPICNIC Benches 04
TOOaPICNIC 2-Seat Bench
TOOaPICNIC Benches 05
Two-Seat Bench Booth with Backrest
TOOaPICNIC Benches 06
Two-Seat Bench Booth with Backrest, Laminate Top
TOOaPICNIC Benches 07
Two-Seat Bench Booth

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